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No Opportunities were found. Either there are no opportunities that match your criteria or there are currently no opportunities available. Please come back another time or create your own!

Posting your Opportunity

First login to your myToolik account to reveal at the top of the page.

Click the button to create a new opportunity post.

Things to keep in mind when posting:

  1. To make changes to your listing you will have to remove your old post and re-apply your new opportunity. Managing opportunities can be done through the myToolik page.
  2. Please have:
    1. A Title
    2. A Date for application deadlines -- By default 2 month is selected
    3. An Organization
    4. A Description of Opportunity
    5. Optional supplementary file*
  3. Be Aware! Your opportunity will be removed from listings after your application deadline date.

Please keep in mind that the primary use of this board is to give event coordinators or employers a way to make their listing more visible to interested parties. Applications are not accepted here so please give sufficient contact information so people know where to go next. Thank you.

* PDF files are currently the only supported file type.

Applying for an Opportunity: Getting Involved

Toolik Field Station is excited to give people the ability to readily see opportunities that are available here and point them in the right direction to apply or join in!

With that said, we do not accept the applications ourselves so please follow directions/information supplied with the Opportunity listing itself. Thank you.

If you would like to make changes to your opportunity for any reason please use the contact information in the footer of this page.

Please also be aware while creating an opportunity that the chip tags aren't available yet and is for demo purposes only.