General Use Equipment

What we have: Toolik Field Station has a variety of general use equipment available. These items are owned and maintained by the Environmental Data Center Staff and can be used free of charge. We continue to expand the laboratory facilities at the station to provide the best possible equipment. Please see below for the current list of equipment available.

Scheduling: Use the Equipment Calendar to submit a schedule request. Equipment is available on a first come, first served basis and must be scheduled in advance. We will try to accommodate all user requests and needs.

Your responsibility: Some items may require the user to provide expendables, such as pipette tips and sample vials. Staff will be on hand to provide training and help with maintenance. We make every effort to keep the equipment in top running condition, however we ask for your patience if problems arise as parts and repairs take additional time due to the remote location of the station.

If you have recommendations for additional equipment or changes to existing equipment, please submit a User Input Form on the Contact Us page. We appreciate your comments.

General Equipment
Pipettes: 10 to 100 µL, 100 to 1000 µL, 1000 to 5000 µL
Drying Ovens
Barnstead E-Pure and B-Pure Deionized Water System
Manual: E-Pure, B-Pure
Barnstead Thermolyne 6000 Muffle Furnace
Manual: Muffle Furnace 6000
Eberbach 6010 Two-speed Large Shaker Table
Eppendorf 5810 Centrifuge
Manual: Centrifuge 5810
Harvey SterileMax Autoclave
Manual: Sterilemax Operation, Sterilemax Service
Labconco Freeze Dryer
Manual: Freeze Dryer Labconco 45L
LICOR LI-3050A Conveyer Leaf Area Meter
Manual: Area Meter LI-3000A
Mettler Balance (0-600g): Accuracy to 3 decimal places.
Mettler Balance (0-1010g): Accuracy to 3 decimal places.
Manual: Mettler Balance PG203S
ScoutPro Balance (0-6000g)
Rhizo Leaf Scanner: Owned by Arctic LTER; TFS cannot guarantee availability of this equipment.
Spectronic 600 Spectrophotometer: Owned by Arctic LTER; TFS cannot guarantee availability of this equipment.
Manual: Milton Roy Spectronic SP501 601 Spectrophotometer Operator Instructions
Thermo Fisher Ultra Freeze -80°C Freezer
LICOR LI-3100 Leaf Area Meter (conveyor)
Manual: LICOR LI-3100 Leaf Scanner
WinFOLIA Leaf Area Meter (scanner)
Manual: Scanner Epson Perfection V700 Photo For WinFOLIA
Hot Stir Plates (4.25"):
Hot Stir Plate (7.25")
Accuscope Stereoscope (dissecting): Available for Lab2 users.
Accuscope 3000 Compound Microscope: For general use.
Carolina Biological Compound Binocular: Available for Lab 2 users.
Leica CM E Compound Microscope: To be used in herbarium only.
Leica EZ4HD LED Stereoscope: With built-in camera system.
Unitron Stereoscope (dissecting): For general use.
Westover Scientific Stereoscope (dissecting): To be used in herbarium only.
Wild Heerburgg M5A Stereoscope (dissecting): For general use.
Zeiss Fluorescence Microscope: For Dry Lab use. Owned by Arctic LTER; TFS cannot guarantee availability of this equipment.
Zeiss Primostar Binocular Microscope: With photo port and Zeiss Axiocam 105 color camera.
Incubation Facility
Geneva Scientific I-36NL Biological Incubator
Water Bath Chamber: Six water bath incubation chambers. 12.5 ft3 (350 L) incubation baths. Each is equipped with a 1000 W grow light and 1/3 HP chiller/heater.
Field Equipment
Campbell Scientific Hydrosense II Soil Moisture Probe
Hanna Digital Soil Thermometer
Hydrolab DS5 Water Column Profiler
Kestrel 4500 BT Handheld Weather Meter
Son Tek 2-D Flow Tracker
Unispec-SC Spectral Analyzer
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