Met Data Summaries for air temperature, precipitation, and wind

This page currently generates summaries for air temperature at 3m (°C), year-round precipitation (mm), and wind (m/s). Select your desired time step and start and end years.

  • Error checked data will be used when possible (up to 2019-12-31) and supplemented after that with uncorrected data.
  • Air temperature summaries are averages over the timestep. Precipitation summaries are total precipitation for the timestep. Wind summaries are percent observations over the timestep binned by wind speed and direction.
  • Seasons are defined as summer (June to August) and winter (September to May). Winter summaries are only given when both years are in the selected range. For example, to get winter 2010-2011, both 2010 and 2011 must be included in your selected year range.
  • There might be missing data within the selected date range. Along with the data summary, the output contains the percentage of possible data points that were used. For example, a daily summary of hourly data should have 24 data points. If 6 are missing, the output will show 75% data present.
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