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Weather Metadata

Instrumentation histories are accurate to the best of our knowledge, but not necessarily complete.

Air Temperature & Relative Humidity


  • Vaisala HMP155A measures air temperature and relative humidity ( With a 41005-5 14 plate radiation shield (

Height: 3 and 5 m

06/08/16: swapped with calibrated sensors

08/28/14.Installed: 3m and 5m


  • Vaisala HMP45C measured air temperature and relative humidity (

Height: 5m

08/28/15 swapped with calibrates sensor

05/2013: swapped with calibrated sensor

08/08/11: swapped with calibrated sensor

08/28/09: swapped with calibrated sensor

08/19/08: Installed

  • R.M. Young 41382VC measured air temperature and relative humidity (

Height 3m

04/18/12: Swapped with calibrated sensor  (measures in Celsius)

08/08/11: Swapped 3m with calibrated sensor (measures in Fahrenheit- converted to C in logger program)

08/19/08: Installed

  • CS500 measured air temperature and relative humidity (

Height 5m

08/19/08: removed

  • 1m Temp/RH removed 08/19/08



  • OTT Pluvio 2 measures "year round precipitation" ( Surrounded by a double fence Wyoming wind shield.

performed guided accuracy test: 8/23/16

not working: to 6/8/16-8/23/16

Installed: 08/18/10

  • TE525WS measures "rainfall- tipping bucket" ( Surrounded by a single alter shield 

Calibrated: 06/09/16


  • OTT Pluvio 250 mm with ring heater removed: 08/18/10



  • R.M. Young 5106 measures wind speed and direction. (

Height: 5 m

06/08/16: swapped new 5108-45 for the 5106. crossarm was out of level, now level and more secure

Installed: 06/02/15 new.  (an R.M. Young 5103 was installed at the same time also at 5 m. Its data is available upon request but not output through this website)


  • Met One 024A measures wind direction and Met One 014A measures wind speed (

Height: 5m

06/02/2015: both removed

08/28/14: WS and direction sensors swapped with calibrated sensors

08/28/13: WS and direction swapped with calibrated sensors

07/23/13: moved WS and direction sensors to new tower

05/2013: WS and direction sensor swapped with calibrated sensors

08/08/11: WS and direction sensors swapped with calibrated sensors

08/19/08: WS and direction sensors swapped with calibrated sensors

  • 1m WS removed 08/19/08

Soil Temperature

AM25T Thermocouple multiplexer ( with 18 connected omega engeinnering thermocouples

Evaporation Pan


  • Novalynx 255-100 measures evaporation pan depth (


  • Novalynx 255-200 evaporation pan (

09/27/07: flipped pan upside down. it was already filled with ice

PAR Sensors


  • LICOR Quantum LI-190SB measures terrestrial PAR (

06/09/16: swapped with calibrated sensor

07/23/13: swapped with calibrated sensor

05/2013: swapped with calibrated sensor

08/06/2011: swapped with calibrated sensor

08/29/09: swapped with calibrated sensor

Height before 5/16/2013: 1.78 m

  • LICOR Underwater Quantum LI-192SB measures Lake PAR (

Height: 1.3m below surface on 8/26/16- anchored to bottom so height below surface will vary

8/23/16: swapped with calibrated sensor

summers '13,'14,'15,'16 sensor not cleaned of algal growth, affecting measurments.

07/23/2013: installed


08/13/07: lowered underwater par from 1.3 to 1.8m

06/14/10 cleaned underwater par

08/12/07: cleaned underwater par of algal growth

UV Sensors


  • Yankee Environmental Systems UVA-1 and UVB-1 measure UVA and UVB radiation (

03/25/16: swapped both sensors with calibrated sensors

04/19/09: Installed (wiring fixed so logging begins 07/1/2010)

Other Radiation


  • Kipp & Zonen CMP6 measures "solar radiation" ( With CVP2 power adapter (?). 

08/19/08: Installed

  • Kipp & Zonen CNR4 measures longwave and shortwave looking up and looking down (

06/09/16: swapped with calibrated sensor

05/13/13: Installed


  • LICOR Pyranometer LI-200SA measures "Solar Radiation" (

08/19/08: removed

04/30/07: installed

Lake Sensors


  • CS 107 measures lake temperature (
Height: 2m below surface on 8/26/16 - anchored to bottom so height below surface will vary

08/28/09: Installed/replaced
08/19/08: Installed 
  • CS420 measures lake depth (

Height: 2m below surface on 8/26/16 - anchored to bottom so height below surface will vary

08/13/07: put transducer in pipe



  • CS106 Vaisala PTB110 measures Barometric Pressue (

06/09/16: Installed. This is uncorrected for sea level. Add 85 millibar to correct for sea level.


  • CS100 Serta 278 measures Barometric Pressure (
06/09/16: removed
  • CS105 Vaisala PTB101B measures Barometric Pressure (

Snow Depth


SR50A measures snow depth ( Snow depth data can be noisy due to blowing snow or very low density snow.  In order to produce the 3 hour data, we took samples every 5 minutes.  We wrote a script that removed instances where there was more than a 1.0 cm of change in 5m, or if there was a grater than 0.5 cm change at the same time as a bad quality number from the instrument.  Once a data point was removed, the filter was stricter for immediately following measurements to be included.  We also manually corrected a handful of points. We then filled in the removed 5 minute points through linear interpolation and applied a 3 hour moving average.

8/26/2015: replaced transducer

8/23/2015: replaced transducer

5/16/2013: installed (possibly incorrectly programed at beginning so data table not storing)



CR3000 (, RF450 pair (, NL100 (


CR10x (, old radios

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